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The Brothers Round Table Memphis

Hosting community engagement, educational, civic, and entrepreneurship activities in targeted neighborhoods.  

Who We Are

We exist to awaken Kings.  We seek to bring forth the magnificence of manhood that dwells within our brothers, our sons and ourselves. We give of ourselves to embolden leaders that will transform homes and communities across the world.  We aim to discover, develop, and model the blueprint of success that those who seek may follow. We desire to re-establish a standard of manhood, fatherhood, and servant leadership.

In the Brothers Roundtable we focus on four issues.

1. Entrepreneurship

2. Education

3. Politics

4. Culture

Most of the violence we see in our communities are due to poverty and the lack of education. So if we address these four issues then that would stop a lot of the senseless violence. Join the Brothers Round Table and come work with like minded brothers.

What We Do

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Community Clean-Ups

Reinforcing our Commitment

Our Roundtable members consist of local African diaspora men that volunteer their time to clean up their neighborhood, and their mind. One Saturday out of each month, our members join together to pick up the trash in a specific neighborhood. We encourage all to sign up to join the clean up movement. Take advantage of this great community building activity, and show your community that you take pride in yourself by cleaning up your living environment.

Our Next Clean-Up
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Educational and Cultural Activities

One Step at a Time

Our core activity is to clean up our neighborhood. As we accomplish our clean up goal, it is equally important to clean up our minds. How do we do this? We host monthly educational seminars, educational movies, and motivational speakers each to host a community activity for all to enjoy.

Our Next Activity

“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”

Booker T. Washington

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Join The Brothers Round Table Nashville

Looking to transform your community and become engaged in building a sustainable life, and friends? Volunteer today!

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